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Hi there!

I am Sandra Hernandez, CEO, and owner of Colombia Nativa LLC.

Sandra Hernandez, CEO of Colombia Nativa

My family and I started this business out of our passion for sharing the best products of our culture and natal country to the world.

Among our best-selling products, are the authentic Wayuu Mochilas Bags, original oil paintings on canvas, and cultured pearl jewelry.

Awesome Wayuu Mochila Bag

Every handicraft is hand-picked in order to offer you a high-quality Colombian product. We understand our clients deserve the best so we keep high standards of quality.

For this reason, we paid a fair-trade price to our talented native artisans improving their living conditions at the same time we promote their great products to the world.

Wayuu woman weaving a Wayuu Mochila Bag

Most of our handicrafts are one-of-a-kind which makes them unique and unrepeatable. This is their awesomeness! The artisans are storytellers through their products sharing with us about their surroundings and life experiences. Every piece is created using a new narrative conveying emotions by the use of different colors and patterns.

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